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    Your hospital bedside assistant and compassionate carer
    Psychologically and physically screened.
    Trained by our licensed medical doctors.
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    Hospital Watch
    Your 24/7 companion and assistant during hospital confinement.
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About Us

iWatch is an innovative and cost-effective app-based booking platform that links skilled caregiving and health companionship providers to its targeted clientele.

We are the first of its kind in the Philippines to offer quality professional care and companionship to individuals in need of health assistance - whether it's at home, hospital or during travel.

Our Story

In May 2017, our founder was faced with a nerve-wracking dilemma : Do I prioritize work or do I call it a day and attend to sick loved one in need? Most of us would say "choose the latter" but in reality, the demands of our day-to-day life make us feel as if we have to think twice.

What if it was not necessary to choose? What if there was a way to give my sick loved one the care that he needs while we still get to fulfill our everyday obligations?

What started out as a joke then became a business idea that called for action. There was a vision to make finding someone who can watch over your sick loved one in times of emergency as easy as booking a cab or making an online purchase.

After a tedious 10-month preparation, iWATCH INCORPORATED is finally born an entity whose primary purpose is to provide IWATCHERS for patients who need companionship in times of emergency.

It's been proven over and over : The most revolutionary innovations arise from a need previously unrecognized. iWatch is here to fill in the need for reliable helping hands when the going gets tough.

Understanding that health is something that must be dealt with utmost care, we partner with qualified healthcare providers and caregivers to ensure the safety and reliability of our service.

Our Team

Atty. Brian Pellazar


Mellany Zambrano

Vice President/COO

Donato Santiago

Director, IT

Our Experts

Our Services

Healthcare companionship when you need it - whether it's in the hospital, at home or during travel.

How to Book

Our Iwatchers


may not have an educational background in the medical field but HAS UNDERGONE BASIC MEDICAL SKILLS AND BEDSIDE CARE TRAINING.

LICENSED CAREGIVER and/or HAS verifiable experience in home care and caregiving with a reputable hospital or other caregiving institutions.

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members.

iWatch is a DYNAMIC and RESPONSIVE Company, a pioneering platform that links patients to qualified and compassionate iWatchers.

World Best Carers

Our iWatchers are trained not just to watch over patients but to care and give hope. We aim to provide our clients with the best value for their money by providing support and reliable services. After all, every patient is a member of the iWatch family that deserves care.


Eliminate the stress during emergencies. No need to call it a day. Just book an iWatcher.

Our Commitment

With iWatch, you will not anymore feel inadequate or guilty because you know that, even though you may not be physically present, you are leaving your sick loved one under the best professional and compassionate care available.

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